Changing One’s Mind

Changing One’s Mind

When we confront a difficult situation, the people around us advise us that we should change the way we think – that we must change our mindsets. To change one’s mindset means to change one’s own individual point of view to that of the Whole – the Mind – so that he is able to think and determine things from the point of view of the Whole. To see from and individual viewpoint is to see from our own personal point of view. However, when we see things from the viewpoint of the Whole, our minds become broader and thus we are able to see things differently.

To Have A Generous Mind

To have a generous mind means that one has a broad Mind. That one’s mind is broad means that it is the whole of the Universe. He whose mind has become the Mind of the Universe does not suffer sorrow or pain because his self no longer exists. When he changes his mindset into having the generous Mind, his mind becomes larger. Consequently, the small mind that he had would cease to exist.

True Paradise Is In One’s Mind

The Mind is the whole of the Universe. If a person were to make his mind one with the Universe, then the Universe would be in him, and thus true Paradise would also be inside him. For sure, it would be true Paradise because what is inside him would be the real Universe. He who has a broad mind is one who has the Universe in him; he is one who has true Paradise in him.

– Woo Myung –