How To Live Well

Nature’s Flow -p107

The Human Mind

Where You Become True Is The Place of Truth – p15

Pasque Flower On The Backyard hill (뒷동산에 할미꽃)

There are pasque flowers blooming beautifully on the backyard hill, a young lady herding a cow sings a welcoming song. People do not hear that she is singing. People do not understand what her songs mean and they just go about as they are. ♩♪

Let Us All Laugh (한번 웃어보자)

Let us all laugh. Let us all cry. Let us awaken everyone who cries, laughs, and makes a fuss over countless things all in his mind as if waking others; let us awaken them as if awakening them from their sleep. ♩♪

The Kingdom Of Heaven (하늘나라)

Flow on along with the flow of time. Everything comes and goes according to karma. I live in the kingdom of heaven as master of heaven and earth. The kingdom of heaven is what one who has become Truth owns within him. ♩♪

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